Athletics: Runners hit the roads again

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Road runners from Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club have been out in force.

At the Sotos 10 in Fleetwood first back for Lancaster was Emily Stapleton with a fine run of 50m.33. Next was Steve Perry running with granddaughter Shannon, with the youngster just one second behind with a great effort of 54m.27. Linda Stapleton also ran well in 1h.01.11.

The second race in the Elletson Arms 10k race in Pilling saw Alex Mounsey finish first female as well as first for the club with a super run of 45m.00.

Next was Liz Higginbotham who took first veteran 40 place in 47m.45, with Bill Gardner just one second behind. Helen Lewis took first veteran 45 spot with 51m.09 while other finishers were David Winkfield 53m.07, Anne Dareys 57m.20 and Anthony Mason 57m.42.

The club hosted their annual Wednesday night 10k race and more than 150 people took part in the event.

First local and fourth overall was David Brown, who ran an excellent 34m.58 and in sixth position was Phil Lowery who was first veteran 50 in 36m.21.

Next was Mark Leadbetter with a good run of 37m.48. First female for the club was Jayne Perry, with a strong run of 44m.06. Jayne was well backed up by teammates Sarah Elliott running well in 47m.13 and Carole Wilkinson having a good run of 49m.12.

Evelyn Elkington took first veteran 75 place with a fine run of 1h.06.25. Other finishers: John Carr 38m.57, Mark Holgate 38m.58, Craig Menzies 40m.07, Jon Sear 41m.05, Nick Higham 43m.05, David Wilkinson 43m.10, Chris Richmond 43m.55, Alan Clement 43m.57, Graham Hodgson 45m.28, Emily Stapleton 51m.12, Gareth Dowthwaite 52m.10, Graham Jameson 53m.55, Anne Dareys 54m.52, Ashley Toms 56m.22, Nigel Beeson 56m.23, Jackie Barlow 59m.31 and Richard Stapleton 1h.06.22.

Lancaster athlete Raymond Edgar took first prize at the popular Caldervale Supper Run, with a superb effort of 20m.53.

Next was David Wilkinson with a strong run of 27m.16, just pipping Steve Perry to the line by two seconds. Carole Wilkinson ran well in 32m.42.