Lee Watson’s Euro 2012 Diary part 2

Lee (at the back) celebrating with other fans at the England v Sweden game.
Lee (at the back) celebrating with other fans at the England v Sweden game.

TV star, club DJ and well-travelled England football supporter, Morecambe personality LEE WATSON is now off to Poland and Ukraine to follow England in the European Championships. Here is Lee’s Euro 2012 blog.

GET IN THERE ENGLAND! How good was the win on Friday? It was amazing!

The whole day was just great from start to finish.

We were up making breakfast in Kiev at 6.30am on the morning of the Sweden game. We only had a few hours’ sleep after a great night in the city,

On Thursday night we were drinking around the city and the atmosphere was great. Most of the locals love us English and want us to do well in the tournament.

The ratio out here must be three girls to one man so we were all loving it!

We have met a few English that live out here and they said it’s a great place to be.

The weather here is really hot but on Thursday night we were watching the Ireland game on a big screen outside and just after half-time there was a mini storm. It flooded the place!

Luckily there was a big bar and screen inside so we squeezed in there.

Compared to when I was last in Kiev there was a big improvement. The airport had fast track Euro lanes so we were through in minutes. Last time I was here it took nearly an hour.

We spent most of the day of the Sweden match drinking and singing along with all the other fans.

The fan park was packed with Ukrainians, Swedish, English and a very few French fans. The banter before the game was excellent. We started watching the Ukraine game in the fan park which was just awesome. There was a sea of people and when the Ukrainian national anthem came on the place was rocking.

We could not believe what we were seeing when the ref called the players off the pitch due to the rain.

There were people booing and this was the first time I have ever seen this.

At this point we made our way to the stadium.

It has to be one of the best I have been to and I have been to many. Getting in was excellent with only a quick security check. The St George’s cross was everywhere. We was just behind the goal with a great view and when the national anthem came on the hairs on my arms stood up as we sang our hearts out.

The game lived up to all and more of my expectations and the lads did us all proud getting a much needed win. We all went mental when Welbeck scored. We even stayed in the ground for 30 minutes after the final whistle singing.

They kept showing us the highlights on the big screens and we celebrated to goals again and again.

I just hope the game in Donetsk on Tuesday is just as good. Come on England!

WATCH our Lee following England in Poland and Ukraine in a documentary called The Passion Meter. The link is HERE