Lee Watson’s Euro 2012 Diary

DJ Lee Watson
DJ Lee Watson

TV star, club DJ and well-travelled England football supporter, Morecambe personality LEE WATSON is now off to Poland and Ukraine to follow England in the European Championships. Here is Lee’s Euro 2012 blog.

I WAS in Ukraine and Poland from May 20 to 26 before the tournament began. The whole experience was amazing as I got to see both countries prior to the Euros starting.

My first thought on arriving in Kiev was that this country is not ready for the tournament.

There were cranes everywhere with building work going on. The roads were awful and transport was just a joke.

We got on very well with the locals but I’m sure it won’t be like that when I go out there as a fan this Wednesday, ready for England’s second game against Sweden.

The prices for food and drinks were OK but I was told that they would go up once the Euros started. Hotels were expensive and I think that is the reason why not as many English are going over.

I have been to every tournament since France 1998 and we always take thousands, taking over most of the stadium. But this time is going to be different I’m hearing there is going to be around 5,000 of us supporting England.

When we flew to Poland to finish the film I was just amazed at the difference in the two hosts.

As soon as we arrived there it was like you knew the Euros were about to start.

The airport had banners everywhere – football posters, welcome signs, just everything you would normally expect with a massive tournament just about to begin.

We were lucky enough to be staying in the hotel were the Poland team are based for the games.

It was quality and I felt privileged.

The city was just excellent. It was ready for the tournament with a carnival atmosphere everywhere. I really wish England had been drawn to play there, I can see why they have based themselves in Poland.

My mates are already in Donetsk ready for tonight’s game with France and have had a warm welcome from the locals.

They even had a police escort from the airport!

They have been to a few bars already and the drinks are flowing nicely. When I was there the prices were OK for food and drinks but I was in Kiev. I’m being told they are also OK down in Donetsk.

My mates think there is going to be around 5,000 England fans there today so not to bad and the weather is hot! So hopefully it won’t be too hot for the players.

Anyway that’s all for now. Like I said I fly out on Wednesday so I’m going to be watching the France game in the pub. But I’ll be back with another column once I arrive back in the Ukraine.

In the meantime, come on England! Nice one brother!