Bentley: Shrimps’ staff are a credit to the club

Morecambe boss Jim Bentley paid tribute to his players and the club staff
Morecambe boss Jim Bentley paid tribute to his players and the club staff
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Shrimps boss Jim Bentley has praised everyone at the club for their patience after another late payment of wages.

Having gone unpaid for the second time this season, Morecambe’s players and staff finally received their outstanding salary hours before Tuesday’s 1-0 win at Leyton Orient.

It’s open to interpretation whether that gave the players an extra pre-match boost but Bentley said there was an understandable – if belated – spring in the step.

“It gives everyone a little bit of a boost and takes a weight off their minds,” he said.

“I’ve spoken about it in the past but there are mortgages to pay and families to provide for, so the longer it does go on, the more frustrating it becomes.

“It’s been a worrying week but, hopefully, it’s a situation that will sort itself out over the coming days and weeks.

“The big thing for us is that we got paid; that’s now been put to bed and the lads can concentrate on what they have to do on the pitch.

“It’s been a tough time and a learning curve for myself but that’s part and parcel of life; I think everyone can be really proud of the way they have gone about their duties on and off the field.

“Everyone associated with the club has shown the best side of themselves while all this has been going on.”

The late arrival of wages has been another unedifying aspect of the circus which is who – or who doesn’t – own the club.

Trying to maintain spirits among everyone at the Globe Arena would test arguably the most experienced manager.

For Bentley then, in his sixth season in charge, it has been another aspect of life in League Two.

“What you’ve got to do in this situation is lean on your leadership qualities,” he said.

“Kenny (McKenna, assistant manager) and the backroom staff have been great, while the senior players have been fantastic among the group.

“They have all got on with it and feed off each other; I’d back our team spirit against anyone else’s - even more so now - because you can see the effect this situation has had on our team spirit.

“It’s been difficult for me because it’s been me who has had to stand in front of everyone and say there are no wages but then keep on top of them training-wise and with match preparation.

“Then the next day comes and it’s the same situation which leaves you finding yourself in an awful position because players and staff want to get paid for what they have been doing.

“What I can say in this situation is that the players and staff have been an absolute credit to themselves.”