Morecambe FC raise awareness for Prostate Cancer UK

John Keogh leads out the teams at the Globe Arena.
John Keogh leads out the teams at the Globe Arena.
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Morecambe raised awareness for Prostate Cancer UK at their game against Southend United on Saturday.

As part of the charity’s partnership with the Football League this season the Shrimps held a day of fundraising with the teams led out by prostate cancer patient John Keogh from Heysham.

The 58-year-old was diagnosed in October and so far his treatment is going well.

But he was keen to stress the importance of men watching out for symptoms and getting themselves checked out.

He said: “Men don’t talk.

“They try to shy away from it. I didn’t know anything about it. I’m 58 years old and I knew of it but I’d never thought about it.

“If you think you have any problems get checked out and do it early.

“I had no symptoms or family history, it was total luck that I was diagnosed.

“Every December I have regular blood tests just for cholesterol and I wasn’t feeling too good and I just mentioned it to the doctor. I thought it was a chest infection.

“We kept checking it every three months and thank goodness we did because in August I had a biopsy and was told there was a one in four chance of cancer.

“Being positive I thought I go to the gym, I’m a fit bloke, it can’t happen to me.

“I went in and found out I had cancer. It was a terrible shock, but things moved very quickly and I got seen to.”

The opportunity to lead the teams out came courtesy of another Shrimps fan Paul Carter, who handed over a prize he had won.

John said: “I have to say a big thank you to a man called Paul Carter.

“He won a competition to lead the team out and he saw that I’d put a message on the ShrimpsVoices message board to increase awareness.

“Quite a few people came on and said they were going to get checked out after reading my story.

“From that, I then got invited on Saturday and I’ve been asked to lead the teams out which is marvellous. That was Paul’s prize and he passed it on to me.”

John, originally from Birmingham before he moved to the area in the early 1990s, was also a guest at the club on Thursday where he met the players and sat in on Jim Bentley’s weekly press conference.