Morecambe boss Bentley: We’re too nice at the moment

Jim Bentley.
Jim Bentley.
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Jim Bentley believes his Morecambe side need to be more ruthless as they look to bring an end to their patchy run of form.

The Shrimps slipped to a 2-1 defeat at Accrington on Friday night and Bentley believes his players aren’t demanding enough from each other.

The Morecambe boss lamented how the game has changed since he retired with his vocal presence one of his distinguishing characteristics as a player.

Bentley said: “I think we’ve got to get that nastiness back.

“I’ve just mentioned one or two things to the lads in the dressing room about demanding things off each other.

“We need to get a little bit verbal with each other sometimes but I think that’s gone out of the game.

“The game lacks leaders. It’s become quieter and quieter. That was one of my strengths. I loved being up against it and geeing people up.

“But I don’t think we demand off each other as much as we should do.

“Whether it’s down to different generations and people being involved in social media and people connecting through text and email instead of picking the phone up.

“When I played there was no ear phones, everyone played cards and laughed and joked but it just seems to have gone out of the game.

“On the pitch everyone gets their own house in order and it goes a little bit quiet.

“I’m demanding off them, I’m motivating, but once they go over that line it’s difficult to affect what goes on.

“They’re all mates, they’re all good lads, they all get on and they work hard, there’s no doubting that, but I want to see a little bit more from them.”