‘I couldn’t think of anyone better for the job’

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The Visitor’s Morecambe FC reporter Derek Quinn gives his view on the appointment of Jim Bentley as the club’s new manager

THE moment it was announced that Sammy McIlroy was leaving the Shrimps the name of Jim Bentley sprang straight into my head.

It was like a reflex action. There was no debate to lead me to think that way beforehand or any mulling over of who was available. Although Graham Alexander did come into my thoughts, I just couldn’t think of anyone better than Jim.

Why? Well because Jim is a born leader.

When he speaks players listen – and that is certainly not always the case.

He demands – and gets – respect from everyone he meets.

He is big and he is vocal, but he is also a man who talks with passion and intelligence about football and carries people along with him.

In many ways he is a man of the people, something that is pretty rare these days.

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