Fan power could drive Globe Arena name change

Mark Dixon addresses the Morecambe FC fans' forum. Picture: Matt Rushton
Mark Dixon addresses the Morecambe FC fans' forum. Picture: Matt Rushton
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Morecambe FC could temporarily change the name of their Globe Arena home according to club bosses, if fan demand is big enough.

At a fans’ forum on Thursday night supporters asked questions about the future of the Westgate ground as it carries the name of Globe Construction Limited, who built the stadium back in 2010 but went out of business in 2014.

The search for a new sponsor goes on but with The Shrimps having lost £250,000 earlier this season due a series of postponements and the FA Cup exit at the hands of Dagenham the club say changing the name on an interim basis has not been a priority.

General Manager Mark Dixon said: “With signage and other things changing the name does have a cost.

“With everything else that’s been going on financially it’s not been seen as a priority.

“Whilst we understand fans’ concerns about the name we think Globe is a generic term.

“If there is a groundswell (of opinion) then I’ll put it to the board and we’ll look at changing it on an interim basis.”

Mr Dixon revealed agencies have been working on behalf of the club to secure a new sponsor but The Shrimps face some stiff competition.

He said: “We spoke to local and regional businesses as long ago as the end of 2013 to 2014.

“We had a few promising conversations and presentations but when that didn’t bring us what we were hoping for we put two national agencies in charge of it.

“They’ve had it for 18 months.

“They way it seems to be working is businesses come to the agency saying they want exposure in football or exposure in the North West.

“It sounds great but we’re in a line.”