Derek Quinn column: This rough diamond’s a real gem

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A few weeks ago I bemoaned the fact that Morecambe seemed to need to create 10 chances to score one goal.

They had been in charge for long periods in many games over the past few months but wasted a host of chances to take the points and had lost points because of it.

But finally there seems to be a solution.

Jack Redshaw may look like he could be the Shrimps’ mascot but underneath the little frame is a big talent.

He has already chalked up six goals this year and with three in the past two games is gaining something of a reputation.

A regular feature in the match-day programme asks players the last time they went “wow’’ when they saw a goal being scored.

On Saturday Chris McCready’s answer was that Redshaw had the effect on him every day in training.

Big praise indeed from a man who spent a lot of his early days with Dario Gradi at Crewe and played in the same team as a junior at Lilleshall with Joe Cole.

Jim Bentley has been saying for ages that Redshaw does things in training that blow his mind and has been working tirelessly with Ken McKenna to make him fitter and more street wise.

It is paying off. There is no doubt that Jack is getting stronger all the time and growing in confidence with every game.

Every time he gets the ball you feel like something could happen and that is something that gives everyone a lift.

Things could not be going much better for him at the moment and that is where I add a word of caution.

Although it seems ultra negative of me to say this at the moment, he will go through sticky times because all strikers do and that is where he will need the support of everyone around him most.

It may even be that Bentley will have to leave him out of the side every now and again to give him some rest and that will also require understanding from the Shrimps’ fans.

There is no doubt that at the moment the Shrimps have unearthed a little rough diamond. Hopefully he will soon be a coveted gem.

Derek Quinn