Bentley: We didn’t want to run risk of Devitt picking up an injury

Jamie Devitt.
Jamie Devitt.
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Jim Bentley has explained his decision to rest Jamie Devitt against Wycombe on Tuesday night.

The midfielder was left out of the squad after suffering from fatigue and complaining of muscle tightness on Monday.

The Shrimps boss has outlined how he was keen to carefully manage one of his key men at this early stage of the season. 
Bentley, who expects Devitt to be back to face Portsmouth on Saturday, said: “He’s played 90 (minutes), 90 and 86.

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“In his career it’s the first time he’s strung three games back-to-back in such a short space of time.

“Coming off the back of pre-season and the work that he’d put in he was out on his feet against Sheffield United and Accrington.

“He was very tired on Monday morning. Do we run the risk of playing him? He has had a history of hamstring injuries in the past.

“He’s much better equipped to deal with it than in the past with the work that he’s done.

“He’s put a bit of bulk on and the penny has dropped with what he needs to do.

“We’ve got him in good shape, he’s a player that’s had an up and down career with loan moves and he’s never really strung games together.

“We’ve given him that opportunity now but it’s important that we don’t just flog him.

“He’ll be fit and well after a couple of days rest.”

For the very latest Morecambe FC news check out our Shrimps Live blog