Barry Roche column: We can’t explain Accrington’s hold over us

A crowded penalty area as Morecambe and Accrington do battle on Halloween.
A crowded penalty area as Morecambe and Accrington do battle on Halloween.

Even though I missed the game through injury, losing to Accrington on Friday hurt a lot.

And I can assure you it hurt every single person on that pitch in a Morecambe shirt too.

The lads, just like the fans, were absolutely gutted with the final result.

I really wish I knew why they have had such a hold on us over the years but try as we may to put our finger on it, the reason has always eluded us.

Are they consistently a better side than us? The league tables over the years are relatively even so that would suggest not.

Are they a better club than us? Absolutely not!

But the results are there for all to be seen. We have never beaten them in league football and that is so hard to take.

It is the same thing in reverse with us and Southend and who knows how and why it happens.

Injury wise I’m unfortunately still not on the road to recovery as my operation was cancelled last week.

The surgeon due to do the procedure has fallen ill so it looks like it’s been put back for a couple of weeks which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t make much difference as it’s a long-term recovery period but it’s still very frustrating none the less.

We’ve been handed a tricky away tie this weekend down at Conference side Dover.

Everybody knows the FA Cup throws up surprise results year after year and we have to make sure that we aren’t on the receiving end of a cup shock.