Barry Roche column: Referees have the hardest job

Saturday's referee Andy D'Urso.
Saturday's referee Andy D'Urso.
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Oh how I would hate to be a referee.

They have without doubt the hardest job on the pitch and it is impossible for them to please everybody. Take Saturday for instance.

In my eyes he got the sending off spot on.

It was a horrible two-footed lunge on Andy Wright that left him very thankful that he had on a decent pair of shin pads.

Yet all the Wycombe players and staff were adamant that he was hard done by.

The home fans booed him for the remainder of the game and then some dubious decisions after the break had all of us up in arms.

To make matters worse, because he is a Premier League official, everybody expects him to get every single decision correct.

He’s human. He is going to make mistakes!

I actually thought he handled quite a fiery encounter reasonably well.

He easily could have buckled under intense pressure from the home side to even things out when Izak Reid caught one of their boys a little late. But he didn’t. He only booked him and rightly so.

The game itself was a pretty poor one from our point of view.

There is no doubt that the sending off helped us in a big way as we really weren’t at the races for the majority of the first half.

But the boys showed some great spirit after going two down to drag us back into the game for a very important point.

What was especially pleasing was scoring a goal from a set play.

We do an awful lot of work on them on the training ground and the gaffer has been disappointed with our goal return from them.

Even more pleasing was big Brodes (Richard Brodie) bagging his first one from open play.

It was there for all to see how much confidence it gave him because he tore strips off their centre half after that.

We all know what he is capable of so hopefully that will give him a boost to really kick on for us.