Barry Roche column: I hold my hands up for Northampton error

Shaun Beeley tries to clear the ball forward for Morecambe.
Shaun Beeley tries to clear the ball forward for Morecambe.

It’s much harder to write a post-match analysis when you’ve lost a game and even harder when your mistake led to the only goal of the game.

But it’s not the first mistake I’ve made and it certainly won’t be the last, although I’d very much love it if it was!

It was a ball I never should have come for but unfortunately in the goalkeeping position an error of judgement will invariably lead to a goal.

I’d come for two balls earlier on in the game and got a couple of good punches in so maybe that’s why I wanted to come again but that’s football for you.

It’s gone now and I’m certainly not going to be dwelling on it.

As for the game itself it was clear to see we were way off the pace from start to finish.

Northampton came with the promotion favourites tag but there was nothing in their performance to suggest that they are a better team than us.

If we’d have performed anywhere near how we can then I’m pretty sure we’d have won the game comfortably. But then hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Northampton put 10 men behind the ball for large parts of the game and we struggled to get anywhere near breaking them down.

That’s three 1-0 reversals in a row and it’s disappointing that we have failed to hit the back of the net considering the quality we have at our disposal.

But we are still in a very good position and we need to make sure we end this losing streak sooner rather than later.