Barry Roche column: Flare throwers are not true supporters

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The defeat to Accrington was so disappointing on so many different levels.

Disappointing that we didn’t make our early dominance in the game count, disappointing that we conceded two really sloppy goals and most disappointing of all was our performance after conceding that first goal.

The game was definitely there for the taking as Accrington’s nerves were clearly evident in the opening exchanges.

But unfortunately, as on so many occasions this season, if we don’t score first then we go on and lose the game.

They didn’t put us under any real pressure on the night yet somehow we have come away with a 2-0 defeat.

And so, for another season, the league hoodoo Accrington have against us continues.

The scenes on the pitch weren’t the only disappointing thing seen on the night.

The enjoyment of the game (as much as you could enjoy a game like that) was spoiled for so many of our loyal fans by a few morons who have no place inside football grounds.

To throw a flare from the car park when they couldn’t guarantee where it was going to land is so unbelievably dangerous.

Thankfully it landed on the pitch out of harms way and not in the middle of our travelling support where there were so many kids amongst the crowd.

The only positive thing was the flare seemed to put off Laurence Wilson when he was through on goal!

As seen in a few other games over the weekend (scenes of Millwall fans fighting amongst themselves marred their FA Cup semi-final on Saturday and 29 Newcastle fans were arrested after their derby against Sunderland on Sunday), these people aren’t at matches for the football.

They are there with the sole purpose of causing trouble .

And cause trouble they did.

On Friday, it was clear some people weren’t Morecambe Football Club fans, and as I heard in the terrace during the game from some of our real fans, they aren’t welcome at our club.