COLT youngsters are best of the North West

Twenty-five youngsters from City of Lancaster Triathlon juniors were crowned winners of the Triathlon England North West Team Relay Championships.

Wednesday, 8th June 2016, 7:20 am
Updated Thursday, 9th June 2016, 11:45 am

Ten COLT girls also racked up the most points on the day to take home the title of TENW Girls Club Champions.

The athletes, aged between eight and 16, formed nine teams of two and three to complete three back-to-back half-triathlons at the Palatine Leisure Centre in Blackpool.

First up at the event were Ruby Armstrong and Oliver Ball, who formed COLTastic, and came in third while the Tristar 1 boys team of Archie Honeysett, Zach Earnshaw and Anan Tiger Clarke (Team AZA) crossed the line second.

Team GROWL, featuring George Wilby, Ronan Maher and Owain Heathcote-Jones, finished third place.

Next up was Tristar 1 girls with Niamh Barnsley-Ryan and Zara Barker making up Double Trouble COLTs and storming over the finish line to take second place.

The COLTS in Tristar 2 battled hard with The Lightning COLTs, coming a respectable eighth, and Team A-OK of Olivia Miller and Kirsty Maher, achieving fifth in the standings.

Sasha Oldham, Larissa Hannam and Holly Satterly, made up COLT 3, and dug deep against 10 girls’ teams to storm home for an impressive second place.

A fine performance by Hannah Edwards, Alice Miller and Ruby Frankland, who formed Team Harris, saw them comfortably taking first place in the girls’ youth competition.

Team COLT Youth Boys, comprised of Ben Winterburn, Shea Hannam and Will Howard, entered as a fun team – meaning they couldn’t score points for their squad – but came home first.

COLT juniors finished a comfortable 12 points ahead of second place Blackpool Aquatics Tri as they were crowned best of the North West.