Chambers: It’ll be more of the same for Fury against Chisora

Tyson Fury with training partner Eddie Chambers.
Tyson Fury with training partner Eddie Chambers.
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American heavyweight ‘Fast’ Eddie Chambers believes gym mate Tyson Fury will score a repeat victory over bitter rival Derek Chisora on November 29.

The Philadelphia slickster boxed for the world heavyweight title in 2010 and as a fully-fledged member of Team Fury couldn’t be better positioned to analyse the form of the Morecambe giant ahead of his British and European title fight.

Chambers said: “Chisora is not going to do anything differently to what he’s been doing his whole career.

“He’s a tough, durable, come-forward, swing-big-shots-at-you kind of guy. He’ll try putting the pressure on again and he’ll want to be a little more mobile than he was first time around so that he can try and cut Tyson off.

“The problem for him is that Tyson has no shutdown. This dude works like a maniac.

“Even though he’s one of the biggest heavyweights in the world, he has an engine like a four-year-old.

“He doesn’t stop. He’s always running around. He’s always active. Sometimes you look at him and think, ‘Man, just take a nap. Slow down. Stop it. Get tired.’

“Also, his length and boxing ability will always cause Chisora problems.

“It would be different if Chisora didn’t throw a lot of punches and was careful and calculated. But that’s not the case.

“He pressures you and he attacks and leaves gaps. It’s going to be very difficult for him to get close to Tyson without eating shots on the way in.

“And you’re not taking two or three shots from a guy the same size as you. You’re taking two or three shots from a much bigger man. Tyson is naturally a much, much bigger man.

“That’s a big difference. You can’t keep taking that kind of punishment and expect to last too long.”