WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE: Isaac Lowe and Dennis Ceylan pulled apart during face-off

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Isaac Lowe and Dennis Ceylan had to be pulled apart as they came head-to-head for the first time ahead of their clash for the European title.

Morecambe’s Commonwealth champion is in Denmark as the build-up begins in earnest to the meeting for Ceylan’s belt at the Ceres Arena in Aarhus on March 18.

Things got heated during the filming of a promo video in Copenhagen on Wednesday, tensions reaching boiling point when the fighters were facing off on a rotating platform.

The pair traded insults before Lowe pushed Danish London 2012 Olympian Ceylan.

“I’m going to take you to places you’ve never been before,” said the Westgate Warrior, undefeated in 14 professional fights.

“You’re dreaming if you think you can beat me. I’m going to make you go to sleep.”

Morecambe's Commonwealth champion Isaac Lowe.

Morecambe's Commonwealth champion Isaac Lowe.

Ceylan was unimpressed however as he looks to make home advantage count in front of around 6,000 fans.

“He’s a coward,” said the champion.

“He can talk all he wants but on fight night, I will show him what it means to be European Champion.

“I’m not scared of him. The belt is staying with me.”

They meet again at a press conference in Aarhus on Thursday with promoter Nisse Sauerland appealing for calm.

“Trash talking and bravado is all a part of the game but let’s save the fighting for the ring,” he said.

“I will be having a word with both boxers before tomorrow’s press conference and I expect them to behave like professionals.”