Trainer: Isaac Lowe will show just how good he can be in Denmark

Isaac Lowe being put through his paces by Dave Hulley at Freedom ABC in Doncaster. Picture: Chris Etchells
Isaac Lowe being put through his paces by Dave Hulley at Freedom ABC in Doncaster. Picture: Chris Etchells

Isaac Lowe’s trainer believes Morecambe’s hot prospect has got what it takes to upset the odds and lift the European title.

The 23-year-old, stripped of his Commonwealth title having failed to make a defence, challenges home favourite Dennis Ceylan in Aarhus, Denmark on March 18.

It will only be the Westgate Warrior’s 15th professional fight but Dave Hulley believes his charge will show why he’s regarded as a rising star in the sport.

“They’ve picked him as a voluntary and they wouldn’t have picked him if they didn’t think they were going to have things their own way,” said Hulley, who looks after Lowe with Jimmy Harrington at Freedom ABC in Doncaster.

“Isaac’s not bothered though, it’s the kind of thing he thrives on.

“He’s going there to win and believes he can do it.

“He’s getting stronger all the time.

“He’s got what it takes to beat this kid but he’s nowhere near reaching his potential yet.”

Hulley and Harrington, along with help from Lowe’s long-time trainer Bob Howard, have been in his corner for the last four fights as he has progressed from English to Commonwealth to European title fights.

The Doncaster pair enjoyed a similar rise with now WBA World bantamweight champion Jamie McDonnell.

“We’re working on boxing and also on fighting inside,” said Hulley.

“We’re going to go in there and try and box but we can get stuck in as well.

“Ceylan’s a good lad with a great amateur pedigree but we’ve got a real chance.

“It was the same with Jamie McDonnell when we went over to France to face Jerome Arnould for the European title and stopped him in the 10th round.

“Nobody gave us much of a chance but we did it.”

In his last fight, a points win over late replacement Elvis Guillen in September, Lowe suffered badly with cramp but Hulley says the problems have been sorted and is confident he can go the 12-round distance for the first time if needs be.

“Everything’s alright at the moment,” he said.

“We’ve been training right and cut out a few things that could have caused it.

“He’s really fit and will have no problem going 12 rounds.”