YOUR WORKPLACE: Louise Lyon at Toddler Sense.
YOUR WORKPLACE: Louise Lyon at Toddler Sense.

Toddler Sense offers family-friendly action-packed sessions taking place in Morecambe and Lancaster with fabulous activities and fun adventures to help toddlers burn off excess energy whilst developing vital physical, social, intellectual and communication skills that form the blueprint of their future learning.

At Toddler Sense they know what keeps your toddler happy, busy and motivated in an interesting and exciting environment – have you ever been on an expedition up a snow mountain, searched for fossils, swum with dolphins or swung with monkeys in the trees with your little one?

They take children on a different adventure each week in a fun and safe environment that helps build courage and routine into their daily life.

The sessions start with time to explore the soft play area before they sit down to sing their “How Do You Do” song, take part in group activities and finish with their “Goodbye Song” – by following the same format it helps children with their need for routine.

Visitors are always welcome; please contact Louise Lyon to reserve a space, 07378 152731, or at