Why fear of competition?

The Arndale Centre in Morecambe.
The Arndale Centre in Morecambe.

I understand there is a new objection to Opus North’s proposed retail park on the Frontierland eyesore. Why are the Arndale Centre and now the Canal Corridor North Scheme afraid of competition? I come from London where new retail complexes are opening all the time, but the established retailers do not weep and wail, there is no outbreak of wrist slashing, they just roll up their sleeves and improve their own outlets to compliment the new development and take advantage of the increased footfall.

Now, to put the cat amongst the pigeons, I have suggested on Opus North’s website that they should replace the Polo Tower with a traditional seaside clock tower and that Morecambe’s town centre could re-establish itself to the west of town with their retail park at the heart of it.

The new town centre would begin at the Midland Hotel and include the Platform, the Festival and Sunday Markets, Next, Homebase, the gymnasium, Morrisons, Aldi, Regent Road and Yorkshire Street.

I suggested that they (Opus North) should help regenerate the latter two and their fine buildings to give people a Victorian shopping experience to compliment their own retail park and this could be the catalyst which brings about the much needed regeneration of the West End.

Imagine what it would mean for Morecambe to have its truly beautiful Victorian sector re-awakened with all the empty corner shops being reborn as wine bars, coffee houses, antique and craft shops. It could easily become the Greenwich of the North West. The possibilities are endless but can only be realised if Opus North’s development is given the go ahead by Lancaster City Council.

Terry Maynard

Westminster Road

West End