We need taxis to be handy

Taxi rank.
Taxi rank.

Regarding the alterations being considered by the ‘powers that be’ of the taxi rank outside the Arndale Centre on Market Street.

I am a regular user, particularly when I do shopping in the various venues including the library.

I usually have to ask for help from Tesco when filling my bags and someone walks me with a trolley of shopping.

Have you considered trolly traffic or customers with heavy parcels crossing the road, particularly with Christmas on its way and gifts purchased from Argos?

The arrangements in Lancaster did not work when parked in Dalton Square. Quite a walk from town with full shopping bags.

Do you realise its business you are stopping? They are making a living with the vehicles. Would you close a shop to stop business?

Please consider what you propose including making a smaller taxi rank.

PS: I have not forgotten the disabled. Could they not go in the Anderton Street end of the Pedder Street car park? That way they would go into the Arndale on a flat entrance and not have to negotiate the slope at the other end.

Mrs S Lytham

Fairhope Avenue