We’d prefer to live in Deptford

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We are writing to you to air some concerns about the West End, that we feel may be shared by others.

We have recently moved from Albert Road to 
Clarendon Road, and have lived in the West End for the last 10 years, after moving here from London, with our now four children.

We have been here a month, and have had our car vandalised, a new Range 
Rover Evoque, with the tyre being slashed and black marker down the side, the car being white.

Our son’s brand new Corsa has also been vandalised and cost him £250 to be repaired. We have 
obviously contacted the police, but they are not promising anything as such, there is no CCTV in our area.

We are also regularly cleaning dog fouling from our younger children’s shoes. The council start work cleaning, and we use the word very loosely, on a Sunday at 7am, and waken us all, we hasten to add, on our only day off. We are not sure what they clean as the alleyways are disgusting, with rubbish bags strewn everywhere and broken glass bottles being a real danger.

We have no facility to dispose of our own household waste, and are awaiting answers from the council.

When we walk our dog in the early hours of the morning before work, we are quite often confronted by drunks and drug addicts – one morning we even disturbed a drug transaction happening on the beach.

We came to live in Morecambe for a better quality if life, and, despite numerous promises of funds being available for regeneration, and there has been some, the area is very undesirable.

Knowing what we know now, we would never have moved here.

Alas, we cannot move back down south, so we need to know what is going to happen to Morecambe West End in the future, or is it all going to be just talk with funds being spent on more favourable areas?

What we can we do to help – are there any other readers that have the same issues?

If the West End was really focused on, what a great place it would be to live. 
Everyone tells us what a thriving community it was once upon a time .... really? We would rather live in 

Sarah and Vic Humphries

Clarendon Road