Unfair to be denied drugs

Is it fair to deny people drugs because of the cost?
Is it fair to deny people drugs because of the cost?
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After seven years of misdiagnosis, my wife was very swiftly diagnosed at a Liverpool hospital that she had MS.

It is a cruel condition. My wife has worked hard all her life and now sadly, is unable to pursue her once successful career.

Her consultant at the Walton Centre in Liverpool has attempted to alleviate her symptoms by trialling the drug Sativex.

Unfortunately NICE (an inappropriate name) do not consider this drug cost effective, which I dispute.

Trials have conclusively proven its benefits, but the £11 per day it costs is deemed unaffordable.

Might I suggest that the many under-employed, overpaid, under-performing senior managers in the NHS forgo some of their indulgent expenses in order to make this money available.

If my wife was a heroin addict she would receive prescription drugs on demand, as well as the many other benefits and support networks.

She would be treated with compassion and sympathy irrespective of cost.

The cost of this self-inflicted condition to the taxpayer, which is not an illness, is approximately £238 million a year, which coincidentally is the cost of providing Sativex for all unfortunate MS patients.

How can this be fair?

MS husband

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