UFOs not to blame for earthquake

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REGARDING The article in last week’s Visitor entitled “UFOs blamed for earthquake”, I must totally disagree with the views as stayted by your interveiwee Mr Pat Regan.

He seems, to me, to be coming at the problem from the wrong angle. The UFOs are NOT the cause of the earthquake, but may be being produced as a by-product of it. Please allow me to explain.

There have been a large ammount of reports of orange “Orb” type of UFOs being seen in the skies of Mexico, in particluar

in areas in which recent volcanic, or sesmic activity have occurerd. This has led to severail ufologists, myself included, to surmise that these “orbs” may be a type of plasma, or superheated air phenomena, caused by the geo-magnetic activity in the area.

During the nearly two years that I have lived in Morecambe, I have been lucky to have seen UfOs over the bay area. I must admit that not all of these can be explained by sesmic activity, but I trully belive that the UFOs seen over the area prior to the earthquake were due to a geo-magnetic event.

At this point, you may be thinking “who the heck is this chap?” Well, I fully understand this. As a way of explaining who I am, please feel free to google me on “nigel wright/ufo” or “nigel wright/paranormal” Yau may also feel like looking up the book I co-wrote with Jon Downes in 1999, entitiled “The rising of the moon” covering the subject of UFOs and other paranormal activity in the South West.

Nigel Wright