Time to work together

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Who would have thought that hell fire preacher and Loyalist politician Ian Paisley would ever share power (and a laugh or two) with former Republican IRA man Martin McGuiness? All the death and destruction of over a generation and the entirely negative polar opposites of viewpoint have been overcome and they are now working together for a brighter future in Northern Ireland.

Why am I saying this in a Morecambe newspaper? Well, if they can achieve such a landmark accord, so can Morecambe’s politicians.

I’m appealing on behalf of all long suffering residents in the Town for the various groups, all of them, to use the coming elections as a watershed, a new beginning. As soon as the dust has settled after May 5th, all personal differences should be set aside and EVERYONE should start working together for the greater good of the Town and its residents. It may take a little time to build the bridges, learning to trust each other and accepting that we all have different ideas, but it has got to be done for the sake of our future. Someone has to make a start and rise above the petty squabbling, you are all capable of doing this.

Great things can be achieved through dialogue and compromise, and Morecambe has massive potential that has been overlooked and neglected for long enough. It’s time that we started DEMANDING better things for Morecambe, we are playing catch up now with just about every other seaside town in the country. City and Town Councillors MUST stand together to make economic regeneration the Holy Grail and redouble their efforts. I’m tired of hearing “oh dear, someone has to live there” when I tell people from out of town where I live, I want to hear “oh, how lucky you are” instead. With political will ANYTHING can be achieved, it is the key to our future. Now is the time for dialogue, consensus and cooperation. WE ABSOLUTELY DEMAND IT.

Ian Hughes