Think of the farm animals

Pigs are being farmed for food.
Pigs are being farmed for food.
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You may be surprised to know that more than 900 million animals are farmed for food each year in the UK – that’s about 56 times the number of pet dogs and cats in this country.

Many of these farm animals are kept in conditions which the RSPCA thinks are unacceptable. In fact, the RSPCA has been fighting for farm animals for 190 years. We were founded after witnessing cruelty to cattle at Smithfields meat market.

That is why this week is the RSPCA’s Farm Animal Week (September 29 to October 5), and this year we will be raising awareness of the cramped conditions in which millions of farm animals spend their lives.

But we can’t do this alone.

So please think animal welfare – especially now during Farm Animal Week. For more information on activities in your area and ways you can support the RSPCA’s farm animal week, please go to

Your support is hugely appreciated.

Dr Julia Wrathall

RSPCA Head of Farm Animal Welfare

Wilberforce Way


RH13 9RS