Think before self-serving

Tesco Carnforth
Tesco Carnforth

I agree with the letter from Nome de Plume. The creep of atomisation and people’s passive acceptance is worrying.

How many of us know someone who’s livelihood is dependent on retail? And how many of us are contributing to their ultimate redundancy or reduction of hours and employment rights.

I am sick to the stomach when I walk into Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco to see the way they are under-manning the attended checkouts to entice people to the ‘quicker’ option of self service.

The only reason their self-service options might be quicker is down to purposely under-manning. Please people wake up to what you are doing.

Don’t make a big fuss (unless you have to) just join a queue – vote with your feet and force them to keep people employed, and please don’t believe rubbish like “ the money they save on the checkouts goes into opening new shops (WHAT ROT).

I predict if the creep does not stop, eventually the managers will cover regions rather than individual stores and day to day will be covered by much lower paid supervision, all staff will be part time with hours below the rate that requires holiday pay, sick pay and many other benefits.

I also predict the dismantling will be piecemeal so as to divide and conquer. With 2.5 million people already unemployed does anyone not think an extra penny or two on bread and milk worth it to keep people in jobs?

Paula Ross-Clasper