Take heart from Welsh tunnel vision

Morecambe Bay.
Morecambe Bay.
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I must take the Town Crier to task about his doubting Thomas attitude towards the effects of a tunnel (Tunnelling for an impossible dream?, July 22).

For a successful example of “...connecting one country, er, with the same one” he needs look no further than the Conwy Tunnel, in beautiful Llandudno, North Wales. This connection from Wales to, er, Wales, is a shining example of how a construction on a massive scale, after initial disruption, can achieve its purpose (to lessen the amount of traffic squeezing through Conwy), and bring money into the local community, (a residential development, the Conwy Marina).

It speeds up the journey to other equally beautiful parts of the same country immensely. I love North Wales, and would have been very upset to have seen something which did not improve that part of the coast, in the same way as I believe a tunnel would do to Morecambe.

So, yes, the costs might be “eye-watering” – the Conwy Tunnel came in at £140m in 1991 – but the benefits have soon seen it pay for itself.

One further point of interest – Costains were involved in the construction of the Conwy Tunnel ... why not ask them how it went?

Mr Stefan Hobbs

Maple Avenue