Such wanton destruction

The compound within Halton army camp which is being used as the base for the building of the Heysham to M6 Link Road.
The compound within Halton army camp which is being used as the base for the building of the Heysham to M6 Link Road.
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Regarding the M6 – Heysham motorway extension.

Over the last weekend, instead of going on the bus to Preston and ‘venues far and wide’ – I decided to turn left out of Elterwater Place and walk the scenic route along the canal to Hest Bank and along the Morecambe Promenade towards the Clock Tower

As I was approaching the construction work, where the new bridge is being built that will eventually link Torrisholme to the M6 motorway – my gabs were absolutely flabbered when I saw what the construction company was doing to the landscape.

As I proceeded on my travels along the towpath I spoke to numerous people in order to gain their views and opinions on this construction work, and every one, without fail, told me that they are very annoyed at the wanton destruction of the landscape, and are very concerned that when the motorway extension is finally completed it will more than likely be left to the taxpayer to pay for the restoration of the landscape.

I sincerely hope not.

From what I gather, when the second power station at Heysham was being built some years ago, the construction company concerned submitted a bid to build an extension that would link the Heysham bypass to the M6 south but the Government rejected this bid.

Why, as it makes sense in my tiny little brain that having built the Heysham bypass, continue across the River Lune and eventually join up with the M6 south motorway near the village of Galgate – but as the Duke of Westminster owns the land did he ask for an incredible amount – and thus it was rejected out of hand?

On the subject of land I gather that to build the motorway extension in its present location the ‘landed gentry’ who owns this land made an absolute killing financially.

Perhaps I am being cynical who knows? But where are those people who demonstrated when the plans across the River Lune were being submitted?

They are conspicuous by their absence at the destruction of this magnificent part of the Lune Valley and it makes me think – did they not receive enough in their ‘brown envelopes’ to make it worthwhile to demonstrate these days?

It is ironic that the MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale proudly lets it be known that whilst ‘on his watch’ Morecambe and Heysham will be linked to the M6 – but will he be so proud to see what has been done to the landscape, and furthermore when he is confronted by his constituents when the bill to restore the land is picked up by the taxpayer and not the original construction company?

PS: Did Eric Morecambe decide to ‘leg it’ when he saw the motorway extension?


Norman Tomlinson

Elterwater Place