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In response to Coun Ron Sands’ letter about the new Heysham Power Station visitor centre.

He remarks that local residents may not fully appreciate what an “outstanding heritage asset” St Peter’s Church actually is.

This is almost certainly true, but can the fault for this be laid to some extent at the door of the various authorities who fail to effectively promote such assets.

The rector of Heysham may well provide conducted tours of his church for visiting dignitaries, but does he ever do this for the ordinary hoi polloi of the town. Indeed most churches are generally closed to the local community.

Incidentally, I think it is outrageous that so much money is spent on replacing church roofs – especially when there are cheaper alternatives available, considering these are vandalised by the recidivist elements in our society.

I often feel that if young people especially appreciated more their environment and heritage (and were made more welcome at times), we would not witness so much the ongoing problems at places such as the Barrows and Heysham Moss reserve.

In closing, I would commend the heritage walks of Peter Wade, which I feel are well researched and generally informative.

P Mitchell


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