So many lovely staff to thank

Royal Lancaster Infirmary.
Royal Lancaster Infirmary.
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I wanted to pay tribute to the (amazing) Acute Medical Unit of Lancaster Infirmary.

Recently I had to go into hospital with pneumonia and a few other problems. I want to say that in this day and age, when people say that nurses are not dedicated and are only in it for the money, I want to prove them wrong.

First of all when the ambulance came for me a very nice ambulance man called John looked after me like a mother hen. He was sweet and gentle and really caring. (I have named him Gentle Giant John.)

Next, of course, I was taken into A&E who were again totally dedicated and caring and at that stage managed to stop my continuous cough. They were extremely busy but took the time to explain everything.

When I was actually taken to the ward I could see that there were only two nurses who were dashing about, tending to the patients in a caring and loving way. They still found time to make sure one could be as comfortable as possible.

Although there are 70 members of this amazing Acute Medical Unit, I had contact with three particular members.

Dr Y Seth (Consultant) who had a heart and extended my stay because I would not have been able to cope with a sick husband at home. He, I was told, was on his rounds at 7.40am. I had never heard that consultants start that early in the day. That’s what I can dedication. He also has a wicked sense of humour, always cheerful.

Day staff, always attentive and helpful in spite of the fact that they had to shout everything because my hearing aid was rubbish at the time. It must have been tiring for them.

Cielo, Staff Nurse, she had a stunning smile to match her beautiful name, was totally dedicated and attentive (beyond the call of duty), making me as comfortable as possible.

Night staff – with only two staff in the ward, they managed beautifully.

Josephine, Staff Nurse (I hope I have the correct rank). Beautiful, calm and serene found time to help me when I needed it most. She inspired confidence and again, totally dedicated.

Alison, who was also on duty, was also extremely kind and helpful to me, among her other tasks.

The reason I wanted this letter printed is that I wanted to give credit where credit is due, and maybe to help make others aware that they certainly need more staff, most of which work much later hours than they should have.

Marina S Hall

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