Shoppers rely on handy Tesco

The Arndale centre in Morecambe.
The Arndale centre in Morecambe.
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The Tesco closure – it’s a crying shame.

It will take the heart out of the Arndale in Morecambe. A lot of the dedicated staff have been there years.

The decision has been made from afar purely on cost basis but Tesco have no inkling of its importance in the local community and economy. A lot of retired people shop there as it is handy and convenient. They don’t want to go to the larger out-of-town supermarkets.

For people who work within Morecambe town centre it is handy for immediate shopping needs, lunchtime snacks, etc. It is convenient too for people who live within/near the town centre.

I have shopped there for 28 years and have always found the staff exceptionally helpful and approachable.

Tesco probably haven’t done themselves any favours by opening the three smaller shops (two at Heysham and one in Lancaster). They have spread themselves out too thinly. It should be quality over quantity.

I think a petition should be started to SAVE Morecambe’s Tesco.

Concerned local resident

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