Shame about opening event

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Even a leading city councillor described advance publicity for the Lancaster International Youth Games as “shambolic”. I wholeheartedly agree.

Members of the public – and even councillors themselves – were stranded in Market Square, unaware that the opening ceremony had been forced indoors to the Ashton Hall because of the weather.

We should have been directed to the Ashton Hall, either by a member of staff or by signs.

Why did professional acts from London and Scotland – a juggler and break dancers – take part in the opening ceremony rather than locals?

The Dukes Theatre, Ludus Dance and More Music in Morecambe were among venues for the games.

Why couldn’t these much-respected organisations and other local performing arts groups have been involved in the opening ceremony? It would have been a good way of showcasing talent from our area to delegations from our European twin towns.

It is just as well the opening ceremony wasn’t in

Market Square because litter bins were overflowing, which gives Lancaster a bad image for our foreign visitors.

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