Sad loss of favourite

The Broadway Hotel demolition site in Morecambe.
The Broadway Hotel demolition site in Morecambe.
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Another landmark a pile of rubble – the Broadway Hotel, a favourite pub in the area, popular with visitors as well as local residents.

When I was at school it was the hydro baths. Then, because it was war time, the whole building became an office block and was used by civil servants evacuated from London.

We took in two women as we had a spare room above our chemist shop on the corner of Park Street.

I can remember being rather furious at the time as this particular room was a favourite of mine as it was fairly warm and even got a bit of sunshine, whilst the rest of the house was bleak and cold. It was tucked away at the side and sheltered.

We could have taken in some children but I’m sure that my brother and myself were work enough. Anyway we did not have a garden, just a backyard.

Mrs Stephanie J Morley

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