Resort voters given raw deal

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Recently the Boundary Commission has produced a report on the reorganisation of electoral boundaries within the Lancaster City Council district.

One of its main proposals was that Morecambe and Heysham, with a population several thousand residents more than Lancaster, should lose a councillor representative, the extra representative being added to the Lancaster University area.

It sought the views of members of both the Lancaster City Council and the Morecambe Town Council. The view of the members of both these elected organisations was that the proposals were, to put it mildly, “a bit of a dog’s breakfast”.

However, as is the case with most unaccountable quangos, their view is the proposal should go ahead with some minor modifications, which they are asking for comment on.

They appear to be operating in splendid isolation. The Electoral Commission, the body set up by the UK Parliament to facilitate a fair voting system.

The Commission has proposed an Individual Voter Registration system (IVR) to avoid the system which occurs at present, where both Lancaster University’s register all their students to vote in the Lancaster district.

This is likely to result by 2015, when the system is implemented, in a significant reduction in registered student electors in the university-based wards.

I would hope individual electors and, more importantly, our local news representatives, would ask the Boundary Commission to justify their current proposals, given that by 2015 the probable date of their boundary changes introduction, the proposals by the Electoral Commission will render their proposals both outdated and democratically unfair.

Roger Dennison

Torrisholme Councillor

City and Morecambe Town Council (MBI)