Resort relives past heydays

Vintage by the Sea.
Vintage by the Sea.
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Congratulations to all those behind the Vintage-by-the-Sea weekend.

I spent two days filming as much as I could and Sunday looked just like the town as it did in my youth, the high days of the late 50s and early 60s.

The streets were filled with thousands of families and visitors, many in 1940s and 50s outfits and the old cars outside the Midland hotel drew very large crowds indeed.

What a contrast between the array of tiny three wheeler Bond cars and the opulent Eric Morecambe Rolls Royce, now beautifully restored and owned by Peter Yates in Carnforth.

The Platform was so crammed full of racks of clothing that there was hardly enough room for people to view the items but the real treasure in there was the vintage hairdressing and makeup corner.

Examples of their excellent handiwork was to be seen all over the area, all adding to the atmosphere.

If only the town council would realise just how much money was generated from this event, and the non-supported carnival, by investing a bit of seed money.

The whole area was flooded with people, with many spending a lot of money in the shops, pubs and other businesses along the front.

Congratulations to Wayne Hemingway and his team for the effort they put in, and a personal thank you for allowing me to film in all areas.

One final grumble, however. Thousands came especially to see the two Lancaster bombers but it turned out to be the shortest aerial event that I have ever encountered.

As they turned on to their flight line off shore I was filming from the roof of the Midland hotel and below me there was a spontaneous burst of applause from the huge crowd below.

After the build-up in the national and local press and local posters about the visit to Britain of VER-A , expectations were very high but, and I have checked my film, it was all over in 10 seconds.

A huge anti-climax to a wonderful weekend and as I walked around filming for the rest of the afternoon I was approached by at least 20 families expressing their disappointment.

I hope we have another Vintage-by-the-Sea supported by the council next year.

Chris Abram

email supplied

*What a really great Vintage weekend.

Glorious weather, thousands turning out and a wonderful atmosphere.

Many thanks to both Mr Hemingway for his efforts and, our much maligned, council for the funding.

Let’s hope it becomes a permanent feature.

I’ve written this as a tribute to our wonderful vintage weekend, thought I would share it.

Ray Crowther

Sizergh Road


*The sun shone on our beautiful bay for Morecambes Vintage Fair, two days of pure nostalgia, it was a pleasure to be there.

A tribute to a bygone age when ladies wore dresses and hats, and men wore suits, with shirts and ties, and some even wore spats.

The Midland Hotel was the centrepiece of our vintage celebration and parked out front there were classic cars, chrome gleaming in the sun.

Punch and Judy made us laugh and there were deckchairs set in lines, a reminder of how it used to be, when Morecambe knew better times.

The fairground was great, with a Ferris wheel and hobby horses too, there was candy floss and coconut shies, were some held on with glue ?

The stars of the show were the Lancasters, two bombers side by side, they flew across our stunning bay and filled our hearts with pride.

You had to stand to show respect, you had to wave and cheer, and the sight of those two magnificent planes will last for many a year.

So thank you to those who worked so hard, to you we raise a cheer,and with a bit of luck and some sunshine, let’s do it all again next year !

Mrs Wendy Chapman

Norwood Drive


*My son and I watched the Lancaster bombers from above Wyresdale Road on Sunday and even though we only saw them for a short time...I wrote poem to express what it was like to see them

It was a very moving experience to see them so I thought this was a good way to convey this.

Lancasters over Lancaster

On a late summer’s day

Two long shapes appeared in the distance over the bay

The Lake District mountains their stage in the background

An unchanged set from the days

When the likes of Coleridge and Wordsworth did wander and play

As they came towards us...

Father and son standing up on a hill

We saw not just planes but history itself

We heard not just engines but in them

The voices of brave airmen

Who had soared long before our time

In the very same sky.

As they flew over our heads

With their grace and power

No longer two distant shapes

But part of our history

Coming in over the bay

And the very reason father and son

Could stand free on the hill on a late summer’s day.

Jon Humfrey

207 Bowerham Road