Readers’ letters, May 1

David Harland CEO Eden International and David Morris MP at the Eden Project
David Harland CEO Eden International and David Morris MP at the Eden Project
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I am delighted to hear from The Visitor website that David Morris MP says: “I have been working for many months behind the scenes with Eden on this exciting project.”

He’ll be able to add this success to his single handedly creating the Bay Gateway, building a tunnel under the Bay, arranging for a third Heysham nuclear power station, for the tide to come in twice a day and for the sun to rise every morning. OK, teasing over.

His trying to claim credit for something that isn’t there seems a little premature. Rather, we should all be working together to make this happen – Mr Morris, the Government, councillors (of all political parties), council officers and, crucially, the Eden Project North development team.

I rarely agree with Mr Morris, but one thing he’s quoted as saying to the local press is that it is a “game changer” for the whole district. Absolutely true, and we need to put aside political differences to make sure it happens.

Excited – you bet.

Coun Colin Hartley (Heysham South), Kingfisher Drive, Heysham


What a great evening at the Platform on April 14 watching The Manfreds.

Such a good mixture of blues, modern jazz and of course such memorable hits from the 60s. A very talented group.

Paul Jones was exceptional on lead vocals and harmonica.

Mrs O Read, Bare, full address supplied

*Evening parking

For several years now my wife and I have parked on Pedder Street car park in Morecambe in the evening, which has been free of charge.

On a recent Thursday evening we parked the car as usual and went for a meal in town. We were only there a short time, arriving about 6.45pm and leaving around 8.15pm.

On returning to the car we were distressed to find a fixed penalty notice attached to the windscreen. We had not realised that evening parking in Morecambe was no longer free. Instead we were forced to pay a fine of £25.

A significant number of other regular parkers were in the same boat.

What are the council doing? Paying someone to distribute tickets on a half empty car park at 7.45pm on a weekday evening.

Why can’t the council have issued warning notices to warn regular evening parkers?

Local resident, name and address supplied

*RAF 100 celebration

As the Veterans Champion for Lancaster City Council, I just want thank and congratulate the Royal Air Forces Association, Morecambe Branch, for organising an excellent evening to celebrate 100 years of the RAF.

A massive thank you to Jane and Bob Latin who worked tirelessly to organise the event.

There were 115 people which included Lord and Lady Shuttleworth and the Mayor and Mayoress of Lancaster City Council, the Mayoress of Carnforth, Air Vice Marshall John Cliffe who is the chairman of RAFA Central Council, the Rev Group Captain Richard Lee who is the Northern Region Chaplain of the Air Cadets and MPs Cat Smith and David Morris.

There were members of the local RAFA and several Lancaster City councillors. It was good to see several cadets who will be the future of the RAF and their growth needs to be encouraged.

The Centenary Dinner at the Headway Hotel was excellent and the service that they provided was appreciated by all.

The RAF played an important part when they formed in 1918 and its importance remains.

Given that I was born and brought up in RAF Changi, Singapore, I still have fond memories of the sound and noise of the fighter planes taking off and landing.

Coun Liz Scott, Veterans Champion, JOG Ward, Lancaster