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Equity (the performers’ union), The Stage newspaper and the TMA (Theatrical Management Association), have launched a joint campaign to encourage audiences to show their appreciation and support for the funding by our local councils of local professional producing theatres, such as The Dukes in Lancaster.

As a positive and pro-active Campaign, My Theatre Matters encourages audiences and members of the public to write to local councils (Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council), thanking them for the support they provide, saying why people love their local theatre and expressing pride in the fact that we still have a professional producing theatre for Lancashire.

Your readers will no doubt recall Equity’s successful campaign in 2011 when more than 600 people contacted the Arts Council to protest about yet another reduction to The Dukes funding and the loss of the park show.

This year we see the return of the hugely popular promenade show in Williamson Park thanks to the outstanding support of audiences and the general public – proving that audience opinion really can make a difference.

The My Theatre Matters campaign aims to build on this kind of success and help audiences make their voices heard – voices that are often overlooked in discussions over arts funding.

You can find out more about the My Theatre Matters campaign by going to the Equity website and clicking on My Theatre Matters.

Peter Rylands

Chair, North Lancashire/Cumbria 
General Branch of Equity

Bare Lane