Put park on mend for its Happy moments

Happy Mount Park.
Happy Mount Park.
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I was certainly shocked to read about all the destruction in Happy Mount Park, Bare, when everyone had spent time and money on so many needed improvements.

I do hope things are better now and that it has not put visitors off coming to enjoy the warm sunshine in the summertime as it is quite sheltered from cool sea breezes and most relaxing for a pleasant leisurely stroll to admire colourful flowers amid well kept lawns.

I have the happiest memories of being taken into the park by my grandparents who lived nearby and being allowed to at least run about on the paths, but not on the grass.

My favourite area was the Japanese garden where I was told to walk over the painted bridges and look down at the goldfish in the pools, or if I felt brave enough to jump from stepping stone to stepping stone.

Years later my children also enjoyed a visit to the park with their grandparents to ride on the train or buy an ice-cream at the kiosk.

Mrs Stephanie J Morley

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