Priced out of pool

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AFTER reading about the rise in swimming costs I felt so strongly that I had to write.

I understand in these hard economic times, difficult decisions have to be made, but this makes no sense.

Everywhere you turn we are encouraged to try and live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise but this is made harder for many families with the rising cost of food and now swimming. I have two children aged four and six months and am very keen for my children to enjoy swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle.

We are regular visitors to Heysham pool and already pay £7.50 for the four of us on a family ticket. As parents you don’t get any swimming done so I go on a Tuesday night for the brilliant £1 swim.

The problem is, this has now become a victim of its own success and is struggling to cope with the demand as more people try and do the right thing but at a price they can afford.

As Coun John Whitelegg correctly raised fears that this decision could have an adverse impact on people’s health and fitness, my concern is long term this could impact on an already stretched to the limit NHS. As people cut back on non-essential spending, essential exercise could be one thing that is sacrificed.

Mrs V M Mount


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