Poverty? You’re rich!

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THE letter headed It pays to be idle (The Visitor, March 23), left me in tears.

The writer had found nobody or no department to take on his requests for funding or benefits he felt due to him.

I wonder if it had been to the small fact that he and his wife had a meagre £35,000 per year. How anyone can exist on such a pittance is unbelievable!

I am 77 years of age, my wife is 79, and she has been informed by the Department of Work and Pensions this week that from her 80th birthday she will get an extra 25p per week. Can anyone out there advise her how to invest this windfall?

Both of us live quite comfortably on £10,000 per year, well below the poverty level. I supplement this with a part-time job as a means to exist.

No wonder the writer’s GP, NHS or any Social Services have no time to listen to his unfounded requests.

I Don’t Believe It

Morecambe. Full name and address supplied.