Poo-r show for us and visitors

Welcome to Morecambe sign.
Welcome to Morecambe sign.
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One day last week I decided to walk to the promenade to take some photos.

From the end of Sulby Grove, along one side of Mayfield Drive and Seaborne Road, I counted no fewer than 29 deposits of dog poo. So disgusting.

Either one dog has a big problem or several dogs are walked on the same route on a regular basis.

The majority of dog owners are responsible and clean up after their dogs. However, the few who don’t are causing such a disgraceful mess.

Surely dog owners realise that, as with all living creatures, human or animal, food goes in one end and poo comes out the other.

This is such a basic realisation even the thickest person would know this, and would also realise when their dog is relieving itself on the pavement. Sad they can’t clean up after their pooch.

These days small, plastic nappy sacks are available for as little as 75p for 250, eg: Aldi, Home Bargains.

How selfish these owners are. Don’t they understand how difficult it is for parents with pushchairs and small children to avoid treading or pushing a pram in such disgusting, smelly stuff? It isn’t easy to remove from pram wheels and shoes.

Elderly people also have problems trying to avoid walking in it or getting it on their walking aid.

I’ve seen an old chap walking down the middle of Seaborn Road and Sunnyfield Avenue using a walker. He does this to avoid the dog poo and uneven flagstones. This is an accident waiting to happen, just trying to avoid dog poo and dangerous paving slabs.

Most dog owners clean up after their dogs. However, there appears to be no rubbish or poo bins around the Bare area or on the promenade.

When I go to Fleetwood there are rubbish/poo bins every 50 yards along the prom. Why can’t the council use some of the huge amount of council tax they receive from the residents of the area and provide some heavy duty bins like in Fleetwood?

This is an absolute disgrace, adding to the already dilapidated state of the Morecambe area. Overflowing bins, rubbish strewn streets, dog poo all over the pavements, weeds on paving slabs and pavements with slabs ripe for an accident.

Come on you councillors, wake up and face the fact, Morecambe is becoming more of a dump than the local tip.

The area needs an overhaul – weeds killed, paving slabs attended to and more rubbish/poo bins installed at regular intervals.

The people who don’t clean up after their dogs should start cleaning it up now. If I find out who you are I will collect your dog poo and deposit it on your doorstep. See how you like it.

Morecambe used to have a motto – Health Abounds, Beauty Surrounds.

Not really true in any sense of the words.

Morecambe is a dirty dump, dog poo, rubbish, uneven flagstones and weeds. Not sure why people come on holiday here, must be the beer.

Cath Southgate


Full address supplied.