Pointless Sculpture on Prom

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I COULDN’T agree more with the comments in last week’s Visitor by Coun Roger Dennison regarding the statue on the promenade, and read with incredulity Shane Johnstone’s comments!

Firstly, I do not even need to Google LA1 2NB to know that it is not in Morecambe – it is Lancaster, pure and simple.

And is Mr Johnstone also trying to suggest that Ryelands is in Morecambe too? Well, I’ve heard it all now! It is exactly this sort of nonsense that agitates people born in Morecambe.

Unwittingly though, perhaps the artist has offered a solution to the cost to the council tax payer for the sculpture and its upkeep. Maybe the group of mums from Ryelands that inspired the sculpture would like to pay, in addition to housing it in their own back yards, not our promenade, although I doubt it would be around longer than a couple of days given the location.

Or perhaps the artist, if so proud of his work, would like to return any money paid for the statue to the people (council tax payers) and re-sight the statue in their garden – or indeed send it on a world tour at their own cost where it would no doubt be most appreciated.

I would be happy to accept Shane Johnstone’s offer of a meeting at Scalestones Point to discuss the sculpture – but only if that discussion involves confirmation of whether the sculpture is flammable?

Together with that awful monstrosity adjacent to the clock tower (a rusty depiction of the lake district hills which ironically blocks the view of erm ... the lake district hills), this statue should be removed with immediate effect, although I rather suspect it will remain and be added to the ever growing list of pointless wastes of money perpetrated by Lancaster City Council – reference those stupid upside down trees by the side of the Lune, for instance!

Darren Stalker


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