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A Flock of Words.
A Flock of Words.

I am writing in response to the letter published in last week’s issue of The Visitor (September 3) entitled ‘Now a flock of embarrassment’.

The letter referred to a lack of effort being made to repair and maintain the ‘Flock of Words’ aspect of Morecambe’s Tern Project and I am writing to reassure readers that this is not the case.

Renovation works to the Poem Path including ‘Flock of Words’ are currently under way. This is a large scale and complex task involving intricate work with a multitude of different materials of innovative bespoke design.

The council has engaged the services of a leading artistic stonemason/designer who was one of the prime creatives, designers and installers of the Tern Project to undertake necessary repair work to this unique feature.

What appears from the photos accompanying the letter to be repair work of a poor standard is in fact work still in the interim stage. The material used has to cure before it is skimmed, sealed and polished. It is hoped this work will be completed later this month.

With regard to the surrounding area, this is regularly maintained by the council. We will investigate the issues raised relating to the grass and weeds and deal with these as appropriate.

Coun Janice Hanson

Cabinet member with 
responsibility for planning 
and regeneration