Parking fee hikes are just greedy

IF parking charges are going to be hiked in our area, there should be some compromises made.

Firstly, LCC parking tickets should be transferable between car parks. Many a time I have to go to the bank and end up paying a pound for about 10 minutes of parking.

Then I need to call at the market for pet food which takes about five minutes and that’s another pound.

So it has cost me £2 for about 15 to 20 minutes of parking equating to £6 to £8/hr

I should be able to use the first ticket on the second car park if it’s within the time paid for, that is just plain reasonable.

Secondly, there should be a half hour tariff. If it’s good enough for Dalton Square in Lancaster, then it’s good enough for everywhere else, including Morecambe.

Thirdly, because there has been no logic at all in the planning of Morecambe, we’ve ended up with three distinct shopping areas; Central, Market and West End.

These are islands within the town with no linkage. The West End shopping area is collapsing into dereliction and the market does not attract the numbers of people it could. LCC banned coaches from parking on the market car park which is so short sighted as to be laughable.

We both want and need people coming to the town spending money, yet we put as many hurdles in the way as possible. Wake up LCC.

Finally, for what, exactly, are we paying these high parking fees? We regularly hear of yet another shop closing so in effect we are being asked to pay more for less choice, when we are already being battered by higher VAT and petrol that’s more expensive than champagne? Stop being so damned greedy and short-sighted LCC.

Ian Hughes