Park that cost us dear

The entrance to Crinkley Bottom in Happy Mount Park, Morecambe.
The entrance to Crinkley Bottom in Happy Mount Park, Morecambe.
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So Steve Middlesbrough thinks that Crinkley Bottom “wasn’t that much different to the old Happy Mount Park”.

Except for one glaring exception Mr Middlesbrough:– the small matter of the turnstile just beyond the entrance gates, stopping anyone without money from going further, including children.

Does he know of any other council in the country who have a fee-paying turnstile set up in their public park and does he really think it was “a good idea” for Morecambe?

When I contacted the council to ask how the children of the impoverished were to access the park, I was informed that “we’re going to give them a free day”; this excuse for exquisite discrimination from a Labour-controlled council to boot.

According to Mr Middlesbrough, the problem was Granada TV who put Crinkley Bottom in a bad light.

Could they have had a bothersome social conscience, unlike the 59 councillors who voted to hand Morecambe’s park over to the southern millionaire whose own children rode their ponies around his 40-acre estate, with no turnstiles getting in the way of their pleasure?

As for Mr Middlesbrough putting on a knockabout pantomime – didn’t he realise that he was already in one?

Irene Sutcliffe

Elms Road