Park smell

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THE sun shone, visitors thronged through Happy Mount Park, what could possibly go wrong?

Could it have been that awful pong at the gate, rising from the dog waste cabinet with the broken door that allowed excrement to spill on to the walkway? So much for protecting children from toxocara.

Dog owners had been forced to ram their plastic bags in and even then they were overflowing out of the top as well in the hottest day of the year. Why, you might ask?

Well in their wisdom, the park managers thought they would not only save money by taking away a number of dog waste bins but would work their magic trick on the general waste bins too.

You guessed it – they were overflowing too with nice tasty chips and sandwiches mouldering away on the ground on the hottest day of the year.

“We don’t empty the bins in the park after Thursday”, apparently. I can just hear the local rat population squealing with delight.

This from the town that boasts Health Abounds and Beauty Surrounds.

It’s enough to make the £10,000 Mother and Baby statue shed tears of concrete and glass.

Irene Sutcliffe

Elms Road