Off to the tip, I’m afraid

Salt Ayre Household Waste Recycling Centre, Lancaster
Salt Ayre Household Waste Recycling Centre, Lancaster
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After several years with just flagging and gravel, my retired mother-in-law has decided she wants a garden now she has time on her hands. She contacted our wonderful ‘green thinking’ council about the possibility of having a ‘garden’ green re-cycling bin.

The person she talked to said that was fine and her bin will be dropped off within five days. After two weeks, she phoned to ask why she hadn’t received her bin yet? She was told the policy has changed and it will be 15-days before a bin will be issued.

Okay, now it’s nearly four weeks since the initial approach and guess what? No bin. It would appear they have now run out of green bins and can’t give her a date to receive one.

I wouldn’t expect anything more that this typical from our caring council. So after several trips to the tip, let’s call a spade a spade eh, she is no nearer to being a bit more ‘greener’.

But heaven forfend you put so much as a leaf in your ordinary bin.

I know that with the state our world is in this is a trivial complaint, but we all are being told to save the planet, be greener and re-cycle more, but a little help from our council would help a lot.

Dr Nigel Jackson

Gaisgill Avenue