Not all will be ecstatic

David Morris.
David Morris.
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So Morecambe fell to the victorious David Morris.

In his election speech he says he will fight for the tunnel under the Bay and “fight and fight and fight for jobs and prosperity in Morecambe and Lunesdale. I will not let my constituents down.”

Since the election results this Tory government has sold off £780 million worth of NHS contracts to 11 private companies; begun to repeal the Human Rights Act; attacking the trade unions; making 10 per cent cuts in education; more cuts in benefits and welfare to the poorest in society; a continuation of zero hours contracts; allowing the banks and tax avoiding big companies/non-doms to continue fleecing the public; enforcing the bedroom tax, and overseeing an increase in food banks and homelessness.

I don’t think due to any of the above, Morecambe and Lunesdale residents will be ecstatic about any tunnel or future prosperity just yet.

Chris Cheetham

Park Crescent