No more traffic lights

Traffic lights.
Traffic lights.
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Regarding the decision on the £17 million shopping park.

I Note that Lancashire County Council (LCC) is concerned over traffic problems at the Central Drive roundabout.

Well, if LCC was not traffic light crazy we wouldn’t have as many delays in both Morecambe and Lancaster.

The solution is simple, don’t let the traffic light maniac into the equation. Remove the lights at Aldi, put the extra lane back for turning left into Regent Road, construct a roundabout opposite the new development and make all traffic going into Aldi turn left. Also coming out of Aldi make the traffic turn left so nothing can cross the promenade.

Construct a pedestrian crossing between Aldi and the new development, and like in Spain put a timer on it so that it cannot continually delay the traffic, simple eh.

V Catlow

Heysham Road